Holding and Personal Companies, Personal Holding Mechanisms

An instrument which allows overcoming the rudiments of outdated business structures and asset management by switching to the new efficient business making mechanisms.

Nowadays, in the permanently and rapidly changing regulatory environment, the management and ownership structures which were created several years ago and have not been reviewed thereafter, are often outdated and do not satisfy the objectives which have been set at their creation initially (due to change of tax regime in selected jurisdiction, change of political environment, negative impact of recent financial crunch on financial stability of a jurisdiction, etc.). When this is the case, the new up-to-date solutions must be considered to secure efficient welfare ownership and management. Personal holding mechanism (PHM) can be a good instrument in such case.

A PHM helps to:

1. Separate the fact of asset ownership from the ability to obtain profits out of its commercial use.
2. Minimize the ownership risks (political and economic, tax and legal).
3. Optimize and reallocate the tax burden via legitimate instruments.
4. Make the transaction of business easy and convenient.
5. Secure maximum safety in the conduct of business.

On Client’s request CONFIDERI will perform the audit of its existing ownership and management structures, and will take up all the matters concerning planning, creation and administration of an efficient and advantageous PHM satisfying all the current Client’s wants and needs.