Bank Accounts and Brokerage Accounts Abroad

CONFIDERI introduces its Clients to the most respectable and trustworthy banks in the world in order to secure the confidentiality, confidence and safety of their welfare ownership.

Choice of a proper bank for family funds allocation is the cornerstone of efficiency of any personal holding mechanism.

Due to its huge working experience with the largest foreign banks CONFIDERI knows how to select financial institutions which would fit best your financial and investment objectives without limitation to one particular country of bank’s operation.

When choosing a bank satisfying the Client’s requirements CONFIDERI will take into account the following possible requirements:

1. Having reliable operational, deposit and brokerage accounts.
2. Allocating family funds and business assets for their preservation and capitalization.
3. Secure keeping particularly important documents and valuables in banks’ custodies all over the world.
4. Trading shares and other securities and derivatives.
5. Investing into precious metals.
6. Obtaining reliable and predictable investment management leverages.