Financial Planning and Administration

A unique family and personal financial plan to achieve and maintain the desired level of life, as well as efficient instruments allowing its execution.

Financial planning is solving the following tasks:

1. Achievement and maintenance of desired level of life.
2. Capitals heritance.
3. Planning of kids’ education.
4. Organizing pension plans.
5. Care about welfare recipients.
6. Medical service.
7. Execution of acquisitions.
8. Charity issues.

Instruments used for achievement of targets set in financial plan may vary, and include among others:

1. Opening of bank accounts, deposits, fiduciary placements and accounts with banks all over the world (Russia, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, UK, Cyprus, Netherlands, Ukraine, etc.).
2. Issue of individual and corporate credit / debit cards, including pseudonym and anonymous cards.
3. Facilitation with payments in Russia and abroad.
4. Credit-deposit transactions.
5. Formalization of passports of a deal when making transfers from / to Russia.
6. Obtaining loans and mortgage loans from Russian and foreign banks.

Financial administration with the assistance of CONFIDERI experts is aimed to allow our Clients to obtain the tax benefits, confidentiality and minimize the costs incurred in connection with family cash-flow processes.