Executive Business Assistant

Personal legal support and tax planning for you and your family members.
Financial, investment, legal and tax assistance to Clients entering international markets and projects.

In order to provide our Clients with high level of confidence in the conduct of their business we offer the following services:

1. Analysis and planning of tax consequences concerning transactions with movable and immovable properties and other assets.
2. Consulting on purchase and sale of real estate, transport vehicles from the standpoint of legal risks and personal taxes optimization.
3. Elaboration and structuring of personal and corporate pension plans.
4. Analysis and optimization of personal tax consequences in two and more jurisdictions.
5. Elaboration and analysis of stock options plans and other incentive programs.
6. Urgent legal support to any family member in any part of the world.

Via appointment of CONFIDERI as your personal tax administrator you are delegating execution of all the legal formalities and details, which, in turn, may be crucially important for you (e.g. preparation of tax returns or review of tax returns prepared by third parties, full communication maintenance with tax authorities, including negotiations on obtaining tax deductions, certificates, documents; tax audit for previous years for the purpose of due diligent tax administration).

The major assignment of Business Office solutions complex is maintenance of the Client’s business processes at a high level. Business Office by CONFIDERI means:

1. Assistance to Client with respect to his international projects (legal, fiduciary, financial, tax services).
2. Set up and maintenance of foreign (offshore) companies’ activities.
3. Selection of investment products at various markets. Geographically the CONFIDERI experts are spread throughout Russia, Europe, Asia, and North America.
4. Representation of the Client’s interests in litigations.

The benefits of working with CONFIDERI Business Office include:

1. Opportunity to solve all the issue through one gate — the sole coordination center by CONFIDERI.
2. Highly professional working group selected taking into consideration the Client’s business requirements, as well as knowledge of a specific jurisdiction.
3. Broad international experience of experts with a serious practical professional background behind.
4. Harmonized maintenance of personal and corporate affairs through one business attorney.