Entering the International Capital Markets

CONFIDERI international experts network to assist companies in Russia, Europe and Asia.

Foreign, offshore companies and bank accounts with foreign banks for assets protection and lawful, but efficient decrease of tax burden for business:

1. Incorporation of new companies and provision of shelf companies, registered offices and administration services for foreign companies and branches / representative offices. All inclusive solutions (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, BVI, Seychelles, Belize, etc.). Provision of professional managing directors, shareholders, secretary, representative; appointment of trustees.
2. Virtual office services.
3. Opening, management and maintenance of bank accounts with foreign banks.
4. Assistance with trading activities (issuance of bills, preparation of contracts, invoices).
5. Consulting on various issues of setting up and developments of international business.
6. Book-keeping, audit, financial statements and tax declarations for foreign companies.
7. Extracts from official registers on the debtors’ assets abroad.

Shareholders’ agreements. Investment agreements:

1. Elaboration and analysis of drafts of shareholders’ agreements and investment agreements from the tax and legal standpoints.
2. Participation in and conducting negotiations with the counterparties on terms and conditions of the agreements.
3. Assistance in formalization and implementation of agreements between the counterparties.
4. Consulting on issues rising in the course of execution of the already enforced agreements.