Singapore Companies with Bank Accounts in Switzerland and Singapore

CONFIDERI office in Singapore allows our Clients to use all the benefits and preferences of doing business in the superb Asian jurisdiction.

Singapore is one of the key areas of competence of CONFIDERI. This truly prosperous jurisdiction is nowadays a worthy competitor to traditional offshore jurisdictions:

Unique conditions for business development in Singapore are justified by its place in the world as:

1. The most sustainable funds saving bank in Asia.
2. Top 4th in the world by level of its welfare.
3. Top 3rd in the world by number of representative offices of international banks and financial institutions.
4. 1 in the world by convenience of doing business (according to the latest Doing Business Rating by the World Bank).

One of the ways for reorganization of international business: profits obtained from foreign sources and being kept at bank accounts outside Singapore is not taxed in Singapore.

High level of confidentiality and sustainability without any taint of negative suspicions and additional attention from the standpoint of money laundering or tax evasion, which always exist with respect to offshore jurisdictions.

CONFIDERI office in Singapore will offer you:

1. Efficient start-up of your business activities: company’s registration within 2-3 days.
2. Provision of professional nominee shareholder in case you do not want to be appointed registered shareholder of a Singapore company for some reason.
3. Search of appropriate business contacts and partners.
4. Opening a bank account with Swiss or Singapore bank.
5. Day-to-day corporate support and projects support in a specific region or all over the world.

As a result the Client obtains a company in a respectable low-tax jurisdiction with high business growth potential, which is extremely convenient as a vehicle for doing business.