Corporate law and M&A

Legal advisory services to solve the daily corporate issues and legal support in multi-jurisdictional M&A projects.

The corporate practice is one of the key practices of CONFIDERI Advisory Group. Our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in this field. 

In this area, we provide a wide range of services, not only in Russia but also in Austria, Singapore, the United States and other countries. The interaction of our lawyers, who specialize in different areas, and CONFIDERI’s partners, practicing in different jurisdictions of the world, allows us to provide clients with complex high-quality legal services. CONFIDERI is a leading law firm serving the corporate structure of the businesses operating in different jurisdictions.

We have the strong track record of successful M&A projects, in which we carried out advice to our clients, negotiating with contractors, structuring transactions while minimizing the risks, the protection of the rights and interests of our clients after the closing of transactions, that is, we provide a complex transaction support at all stages. 

In collaboration with experts in the field of international tax structuring, financing, foreign exchange regulations, antitrust, etc. we carry out complex legal due diligence in each particular case and offer our customers the most rational legal structure to achieve the goals needed with minimal cost and risk. 

CONFIDERI assists client’s business with functioning and developing without legal risks and obstacles. It is to eliminate this risks and obstacles, we offer services to corporate clients in the following areas: 

  • Creating and maintaining optimal business structures;
  • Corporate governance, including the development of holding managerial system, optimizing the holding managerial structures;
  • Drafting and analysis of contracts between shareholders, including shareholders' agreements;
  • Advising on corporate restructuring;
  • Structuring direct investment;
  • Negotiation support and obtaining bank financing, including in the framework of the project and syndicated lending;
  • Legal due diligence and M &A transaction support;
  • Drafting, analysis and evaluation of transactions on sale of businesses;
  • Structuring M & A agreements for the specific objectives of the client, including the choice of the applicable law and forms of asset deal or a share deal;
  • Negotiating with partners;
  • Subdivision of the business, including the exclusion of non-core assets;
  • Search for partners and establishing joint ventures in different jurisdictions;
  • Registration procedures in government agencies , obtaining licenses for the activity.

The list of services is not exhaustive. For each client and each business situation CONFIDERI selects an individual decision. 

We tried the most efficient way to meet the needs of each project. Many years of successful experience in Russia, and in European and Asian jurisdictions confirms the reliability of its operations.