Multi-Family Office — Full Range of Services on Wealth management

The multi-family office service line by CONFIDERI has been designed for those who think of the future wealth of their families many years ahead.

Multi-Family Office is a full complex of legal, financial and corporate services aimed at solving the paramount mission – families wealth structuring and management.

This service line includes:

1. Managing the family assets or properties all over the world.
2. Organizing an easy access to family funds.
3. Creating secured conditions for preservation and increase of family welfare.
4. Securing succession of family assets by future generations.

CONFIDERI offers its Clients:

1. High level of confidentiality.
2. Unique solutions on a case-by-case basis.
3. Freedom, confidence and warranties.

Flexible Client-oriented approach and instruments used by CONFIDERI for multi-family office solutions solve the wealth management issue by finding the most appropriate individual solutions in the whole variety of available choices. At the same time, CONFIDERI thinks global and is not restricted by limitations set out by legislation of a particular country. Solutions offered by CONFIDERI are individual for each Client and general for all the problems of his family. Moreover, multi-family office by CONFIDERI will be a trusted advisor of your family in all the day-to-day issues concerning the family and personal welfare.