Investments in Gold with SGPMX a new Service Line by CONFIDERI

Gold reserves for your family and business: how to make money from gold and hold assets risks-free with full access thereto?


Singapore banks, as opposed to European ones, allow the HNWIs to take the advantage of low interest rates era and make money from this.

CONFIDERI Family Office offers its Clients to hold part of their investments in kind, i.e. - in physical gold in their safe deposit box with Singapore Precious Metals and Gold Exchange (SGPMX), which allows to eliminate risks associated with the banking system in general. Gold is kept at Freeport Singapore - one of the most protected, confidential and secure vaults in the world, inside of which a full tax exemption regime for transactions is being maintained.

SGPMX allows solving the problem of current yield and liquidity of gold, while maintaining the benefits and the opportunity to make money from a larger part of your assets. Typically, gold stored in a deposit box does not give any current cash yield and has limited liquidity. But SGPMX in partnership with the leading Singapore banks allow HNWIs to take advantage of the long-term growth of gold price, to eliminate bankruptcy risk of any bank (as in an unlikely, but theoretically possible scenario of bank's bankruptcy or blocking of bank accounts, gold is never lost and remains in owbership of a client, it cannot “burn” or “get caught up”). You, and not a bank, always remain a real owner and manager of your wealth.

The whole structure is “neutral” with respect to banking risks and the international exchange of information Gold can always be physically transferred to another vault and country. SGPMX is also a solution for transfer of your assets and for risks diversification while maintaining a 8-10% p. a. yield*, together with eliminating risks of the banking system.

CONFIDERI team would be happy to assist you at every stage of investment in Gold with SGPMX:

1. Opening of an account with SGPMX in Singapore fora corporate structure;

2. Opening of a private banking account with a Singapore partner bank for a corporate structure;

3. Acquisition of gold together with pledge of gold to a partner bank;

4. Purchase of bonds issued by reliable Singapore corporates with a yield of about 5% p.a.

The risk of possible gold price volatility even with the whole asset being collateralized is minimized within a few months of bonds' ownership - immediately after receiving the semi-annual coupon interest yield. You can leave it on your account or reinvest it in bonds, but without any credit leveraging, which will enable you to have several hundred thousand of “reserves”.

Thus, your asset is doubled every 8.5 - 9 years!

For more information about the possibilities of working with SGPMX in Singapore, contact our specialists team at

To learn more about the advantages of Freeport Singapore, please read an interview by Marat Savelov, Managing Partner of CONFIDERI, with Christian Pauli, General Director of Fine Art Logistics.
*yield is given as an example only for the purposes of illustrating the principles of using SGPMX services and it is not guaranteed but depends on the market instruments chosen by you and the market conditions.