Assistance in getting a residence permit in Andorra

CONFIDERI offers its customers the full range of accompanying support in getting a residence permit (hereinafter refers to the “residence permit”) in Andorra.

Thanks to its privileged geographical location, as well as a favorable tax system, Andorra is the ideal country for those who are in search of peace, unrivalled privacy and financial stability of the earned capital.

We offer two types of a residence permit as the easiest-to-get and required the simplest procedures ones:

- active (with labor permit or with the purpose of doing business in the Principality), and

- passive (without labor permit, with the purpose of obtaining a particular residence permit).

The main benefits of a residence permit in Andorra:

- the reduced income tax rates for the tax residents of Andorra, as well absence of the taxes on inheritance, gift, luxury and most of other individual taxes;

- free movement within the territories of Andorra, Spain, France and Portugal without a visa;

- high living standards and well-developed infrastructure (Andorra is among the 30 richest countries in the world according to the Global ranking of the countries and territories of the world in terms of gross national income in 2015 (according to the methods of The World Bank);

- the highest level of health care;

- politically stable and safe environment.

Getting an active residence permit through the company's registration

This type of a residence permit will suit you if you plan to transfer the center of vital interests to Andorra, stay there and do your business.

It takes several stages to create a company in Andorra:

obtaining a permit for investment

establishment of a company

entering the data into the Commercial Register

The whole procedure of the company’s foundation takes about 5-6 months. You will be given a residence permit after registration of the company.

Getting a passive residence permit

This type of a residence permit is the most in demand among our customers. It will suit you if you do not plan to stay in Andorra for more than 90 days in a year and it is essential for structuring the ownership of your assets and passive investments.

The key conditions for obtaining a passive residence permit in Andorra:

a) Investments in Andorra of not less than EUR 400,000 (purchasing the real estate, placing money on deposits with banks, an ownership in the company capital, the acquisition of debt or financial instruments of the companies registered within the territory of the Principality, investing in the government bonds and promissory notes);

b) Depositing into the Andorran Institute of Finance: EUR 50,000 for himself/herself and EUR 10,000 for each dependent. This amount may be included in the total amount of investments equal to EUR 400,000;

c) Opening a personal bank account in Andorra;

d) Renting an apartment in Andorra;

e) Medical insurance.

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit begins with the opening of a bank account, submission of documents to the migration service and ends with obtaining a residence permit and, if necessary, a tax certificate. The whole procedure for obtaining the status of a passive resident takes about 3-4 months.

CONFIDERI assumes the full accompanying support of the procedurefor obtaining residency in Andorra, controls all stages of collection of the documents and makes a customerreadyto pass an interview to get anaffirmative reply from the migration service.

We are always contactable for our customers and answer any questionsin the shortest possible time, provide legal support, both in the Russian Federation and in the territory of Andorra.

We will be pleased to answer any further questions by phone:  

+7 495 640 74 88 or at our office located at the address: 

B. Serpukhovskaya 25, 1.