Incorporation of a company in the UAE

CONFIDERI has extensive experience in registration of companies in the UAE and opening corporate bank accounts.

We are glad to represent three types of companies that can be established in the UAE:

International offshore company (RAK IC).

Company in Free Zone (Free Zone Company).

A local company.


1. Offshore Company in UAE (RAK IC) - quick and cheap business start

An international offshore company in the UAE (RAK IC) is the most optimal option regarding its cost and deadline registration.

It is established for the purpose of conducting activities outside the United Arab Emirates, it cannot conduct its activities within the UAE.

Advantages of registering an offshore company in the UAE (RAK IC):

  • Income tax rate - 0%;
  • Non-disclosure of information - closed registry of officials;
  • Complete confidentiality of ownership - fiduciary services are possible;
  • Accounting and financial statements are not obligatory;
  • No requirement for minimum share capital;
  • Foreign shareholders are possible;
  • Simple and easy execution of documents (in English).

Our services include: incorporation of the company, provision of registered office, company secretary, the first and subsequent years of service, if necessary, CONFIDERI provides its representatives in the UAE as directors or shareholders of the company, opening of bank accounts.

Our advantages:

1) We do not require the presence of the client in the UAE in order to register a company.

2) We ensure a quick start of activities: company registration within 5 days.

3) We can provide directors, shareholders, if necessary.

3) We can open up an account at one of the UAE banks.

4) We will guide and assist companies in the development of projects in the UAE.


2. The company in the Free Zone – easy access to the UAE residency

Company in Free Zone is a UAE resident company incorporated in one of more than 30 Free Zones, allowing for 100% foreign ownership. Any Free Zone looks like an urban area. There are more than twenty such areas (zones) in Dubai, for example.

A company in a Free Zone may carry on business within the UAE (its Free Zone) and abroad, as well as work with other resident companies, hire staff, arrange them resident visas and rent an office.

The advantages of this type of companies in UAE:

1) The possibility of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE for you and your family.

2) Inexpensive registration and maintenance as well as short term of registration.

3) You do not need a visit to the UAE, if you have previously visited them.

Due to fast incorporation and low cost, this company is mainly used in order to obtain a residence permit in the UAE. Read more here.

The company in the Free Zone cannot:

  • rent an office outside the Free Zone, where the company is registered (office rent should be only within the territory of the Free Zone);
  • may not participate in state tenders.

If you see that a company in the Free Zone is not suitable for your purposes, then we will help you to register a local company.

3. A local company - full-fledged business in the UAE

The advantage of registering a local company is the ability to conduct full-fledged business throughout the UAE and abroad.

However, its drawback is the need to bring in a partner, a UAE citizen, who needs payment for his services and who must hold 51% ownership of the company.

In this regard, we usually recommend a company in the Free Zone, which is well suited for the B2B market, and serves as a convenient way to obtain a residence visa.

CONFIDERI has successful experience in establishing companies in the UAE and will gladly help you to expand your business horizons.