Residence permit in the UAE

CONFIDERI is highly experienced in all three areas and will be pleased to help you to obtain visa for tax residency.

Obtaining a residence visa in the UAE offers great business opportunities:

  • In fact, there is no taxation in the UAE, in particular, there are no taxes on income, capital gains, wealth tax, local tax, gift tax to spouses and parents, on inherited property tax;
  • There are no local rules of the controlled foreign companies;
  • There have been no actions from the local authorities yet for the purpose of exchange of tax, banking and financial information on CRS;
  • In order to maintain status of resident in the United Arab Emirates it is enough to visit them every six months after obtaining residence visa.

Nowadays the tax residency of the United Arab Emirates is not determined by the number of days during which the person actually reside in the UAE, in contrast, for example, to Russia. In order to become the UAE tax resident, it is a must to obtain residence visa, gain regular income to the personal account of a bank in the UAE and maintain resident status (visit the UAE every six months).

In the UAE there are three ways to become a tax resident:

  • Obtaining a landlord’s visa;
  • Obtaining the Investor’s visa by registering onshore company (local company or company located in the Free Zone);
  • Obtaining Freelancer’s visa.

1. Landlord’s Visa

This visa is issued in case of conformity with the following conditions:

  • The value of real estate in the UAE amounts more than 1 000 000 dirhams (approximately 280 000 US $);
  • Title Deed explicitly indicates that the visa applicant is the owner of the property.

The decision on issuing visa may take up to 1-1.5 months, the term of registration of visas itself - up to two weeks. During the process of decision rendering we can start the personal account opening procedure in the UAE bank.

We guide our clients through all stages, including the selection of real estate and further offer of wealth management options.

2. Investor’s Visa

For the purpose of obtaining investor’s visas only local company and the company in the Free Zone may serve. An offshore company is not granted the right to carry on business in the UAE, so its registration does not involve obtaining a residence visa.

From our perspective the most preferable way for the purpose of obtaining investor’s visa is to purchase Free Zone company as it is prompter and less expensive way in terms of cost and registration.

3. Freelancer’s visa

Freelancer’s visa can be issued to you if you have a confirmation in the form of a diploma or certificate of a particular profession, for example, an actor, an artist, animator, and others.

It worth clarifying that a freelancer is a special status similar to an individual entrepreneur, according to which the foreign national acquires the right to be self-employed within the territory of the UAE.

Our advantages:

  • We support the customer through all stages of visa obtaining (registration of the company, providing the Client with Entry Pass at the airport upon arrival in the UAE, with medical check-up in the UAE, an application for a visa, opening of bank accounts);
  • The presence of the Client at the first stage of registration of the company is not required, the Client will have to come only once for four days;
  • Apart from organizing the obtaining of the visa for one person, we manage to obtain visas for family members of this person;
  • Generally, a condition for obtaining the Certificate of tax residence is a rent of the apartment which is quite expensive in the UAE, but we can offer another ways to solve this problem;
  • We provide legal assistance on the issue of foreign residence permits in Russian governmental bodies;
  • We offer legal advice on Russian legislation on CFC, as well as currency regulation and control.

CONFIDERI is pleased to offer you the most efficient solution, based on the peculiarities of your business.