Universal Life

Universal Life is a unique insurance and investment product that has an excellent potential to greatly increase family capital, and that perfectly fits for diversification of High Net Worth Individuals’ (HNWI) investment portfolios. That means that Universal Life (UL) is both an investment and insurance Policy which is aimed at increasing capital securely. 

“If I had my way, I would write the word “insure” upon the door of every cottage and upon the blotting book of every public man, because I am convinced, for sacrifices so small, families and estates can be protected against catastrophes which would otherwise smash them up forever.

 Winston Churchill

UL is a highly liquid instrument which combines guaranteed savings growth with whole life insurance in the most reliable worldwide companies with guaranteed high coverage ratio.

How reliable are these companies?
  • More than a century on the market;
  • No cases of policy crash on the part of insurance companies – partners of the UL program; 
  • Payment calculation is based on research of life expectancy and mortality statistics: since 1900 till 2015 life expectancy in the USA has grown from 47 to 80 years, and insurance calculation is based on these data (The national Center for Health statistics (NCHS), Agency of the U.S. Federal Statistical System);
  • UL is not related to any type of financial pyramid schemes, because in addition to selling Policies, insurance companies derives income from investments and reserves, and from developing new insurance products;
  • Strict supervision of a regulating institutions in insurance industry that can be compared to a bank supervision;
  • Rating agencies (S&P, Moody’s etc.) are permanently monitoring financial stability of insurance companies;
  • Banks that finance UL Policies purchase on their security are thoroughly monitoring the condition of insurance companies to avoid risks.
The Policy is valid for life-time, and insurance case is most likely to take place anyway. The question is – when it is going to happen?

UL Policy is a highly reliable and highly profitable investment, that you can keep for your family. The policy can be cancelled by request so that you will receive not only the deposit amount, but also all capital increase accrued - anytime. That makes the Policy much more attractive. That means immediate capital increase! You can cancel your policy after 4-6 years of use, because cancelling before this time may cause cancellation fees. Nevertheless, the amount of refund will be no less than 70% beginning with the first day of the policy validity.

Universal Life combines concurrently:
  • Life insurance with a guaranteed high coverage ratio;
  • Investment increase of assets value;
  • Possibility to receive financing on its security;
  • UL policy is not an asset that should be declared under anti-offshore rules;
  • You can own the Policy in person, without using any complicated structures.
The UL program has existed successfully since 1960. It is the prevailing form of life insurance in Canada, USA, Japan, Singapore.

So why Universal Life?
  • Not declared – Not divided – Not incurred 
    Doesn’t need to be declared, cannot be confiscated, cannot be involved in division of property between husband and wife, is not subject to collection or division. 
  • Provides for future of your family
    UL is a security of well-provided future of your dear ones, as all payments under insurance events are executed at once.
  • UL is an effective way to neutralize and pay off debts.
    It covers all existing and future promissory notes and tax liabilities, saving the heritage and prosperity of your family. 
  • Harmonizes financial and personal relations in your family
    Insurance coverage is divided between recipients according to ratio the owner has set, mostly without any taxation whatever recipients’ residence is and on a confidential basis.
So, little pot, cook!
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