10 October 2013

CONFIDERI Advisory Group Listed by IFLR1000

Based on results of law firms’ performance assessment CONFIDERI Advisory Group is listed by IFLR1000 rating for its performance in real estate transactions and restructuring projects.

IFLR1000 (International Financial Law Review) is a global guide to the world’s leading law firms engaged in corporate and finance spheres. IFLR1000 guide is compiled as a result of independent research on quality of services provided by law firms and contains ratings and analysis of performance of firms in more than hundred countries.

Ratings are based on strict and objective criteria: firm’s performance assessment, complexity of transactions facilitated, endorsements from clients and colleagues. The IFLR1000 rating lists only those companies which are recommended not only by clients and partners, but by its competitors as well.

CONFIDERI Advisory Group is grateful to its partners, clients and colleagues for the positive feedback on its work, trust and exciting projects, which allowed the company to be nominated to IFLR1000 listing.

Please follow this link for more details on the rating and description of CONFIDERI Advisory Group.